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Zyrtec-R is an antihistamine. It blocks the effects of a substance called histamine which occurs naturally in the body. Histamine is involved in allergic reactions.
Zyrtec-R gives fast and 24 hour relief of cold and allergy symptoms such as runny, itchy nose, sneezing, watery & itchy eyes, and itchy skin rash.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual.


• Works in 60 mins
• Mini size tablet
• Fast and 24 hour relief of cold and allergy symptoms
• For children 6 years and above

Made in Switzerland


Children aged from 6-12 years old: Half a tablet twice daily.
Adults and Children aged 12 years and older: One tablet once daily.
Do not take more than one 10mg tablet in 24 hours.



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4 Ratings


Elizabeth Lim 2021-06-15

Must-have at home

We have this at home all the time given that my daughter is prone to allergies, e.g. dogs. Provides really quick relief when there is an allergic reaction with the itchy skin and red eyes. Glad to have found it here. Very reasonable prices especially when there is a promotion.

Iris Desiree 2017-08-25

Very good!

This is my default when I start having runny nose. Very good because it's non-drowsy.

Jamie 2017-08-21

Life saver

I always get sinus due to irritation from dust or change in temperature. Thank you to zyrtec, i don't have to worry about my day being ruined by my never ending runny nose

Xavier 2017-03-20


appreciate the convenience of being able to get this on a online site. Great job, you guys!

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