TS6 Intensive Cleansing Mousse 180ml




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TS6 Intensive Cleansing Mousse reinforces the female's innate protection mechanism to the intimate are through probiotics. The exclusive and patented ingredient, Probiotic Essence TS-2L, renders comprehensive supports. Extracted from fresh milk fermentation, it has rich nutrients - amino acids & vitamin B complex, for probiotics growth and skin care. Probiotics strains produce natural anti-microbial factors & lactic acid to maintain right PH Balance. It restores micro flora of the genital urinal tract & keeping healthy vaginal mucosal epithelia.


• Ultimate Refreshing And Smoothing
• Paraben Free
• Natural Probiotic Essence
• Natural Botanical Extracts
• By Professional Biotech Team
• Multiple Ingredients Patents
• Suitable for daily use; no irritation to skin.

Made in Taiwan


Apply adequate amount of mousse onto your hand and gently massage at the area until the foam absorbed. Rinse freely using lukewarm water.


All our products have a minimum shelf life of 12 months (or more), unless stated otherwise.

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Vera 2017-07-27

Highly recommended by my doctor

Great product for good feminine health

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