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TS6 Probiotic is the top probiotic choice for infants and children to help overcome a number of gut-related issues and boost metabolism. Each TS6 sachet uses effective strains of good bacteria, which addresses digestion problems and promotes smooth defecation and since it comes in a portable sachet package, it's a perfect probiotic supplement for babies.

Each sachet contains more than 20 billion live bacteria.


• Minimises children's indigestion
• Eases a number of stomach discomforts
• Promotes smooth defecation
• Defends against infectious diarrhea
• Lessens Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Improves lactose intolerance

Made in Taiwan


Selected 6 live strains (Lactobacillus acidophilus. Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium infantis, bifidobacterium longum, lactococcus lactis), Oligosaccharide.


Adult: 2-3 sachets daily.
Infant and Children: 1-2 sachets daily.


Store at room temperature and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.



Rating & Reviews



13 Ratings


Jez Ker 2021-04-07

TS6 Probiotic

Very good pricing and prompt delivery packed very neatly

Valerie NG 2021-02-04

TS6 Probiotic

Super fast delivery as usual & products well packed in bubble wrap..

Valerie NG 2020-12-22

This is my 3RD order

This is my 3RD order & super fast next day delivery as usual.. Package came with Xmas gift(s) comprising of a nice notebook & packet of Lozenges.. Thanks Glovida!

Shilin Lim 2020-12-04

Great Value and product

Thanks for Glovida selling this probiotics that my kids have been taking at cheaper price. Effective to reduce bloatiness and digestive issues. Buying from GP clinic is really expensive. Delivery and customer service from Glovida had always been so fast and wonderful!

Amanda 2020-08-03

Best Delivery for a Great Product

Delivery from Glovida is always prompt and the team will text before sending the item over. Great product that I have been taking for a long time and I always buy from Glovida.

Jez 2020-04-02

Cheaper than pharmacies

Have only got this at Pharmacy and found out that here it is selling it too at a discounted rate! This is good for my kid as this is recommended by my kid's PD and also good for me when i have a tummyache!

Amanda 2020-02-17

Good Product

I was prescribed this many years ago by my GP. I could not find this in general shops but managed to get this on Glovida. I have been taking it regularly and it has been great for me!

JL 2018-01-16


Item received nicely packed within the next biz day. Txt msg send to confirm timing as well. Pdt is good for the digestive system, lesser tummy problem after starting on this.

Kelly 2017-10-18

It works

My kids take a sachet every morning. This product was recommended by my GP. It is cheaper buying from Glovida.

Franc 2017-07-04

Cheaper than the pharmacies and fast delivery

Bought this product from Glovida because i do not not need to see my doctor to buy it from them. Cheaper than the pharmacies and fast delivery. Thank you.

Francis Teo 2017-07-01

very good price and excellent service

Have always thought I could only get this at the doctor's and always only in small quantities. very glad that you have this stocked here as I take this regularly whenever I have some tummy upsets. Good product range. I will come back again.

Gerald Goh 2017-04-27

My doctor prescribes this

I needed a refill and was pleasantly to find this here. Ordered online and got it swiftly the next day. Delivered in temperature-controlled environment. Very impressed with the service.

Janice Lim 2017-03-27

My mum's doctor prescribe this

It is good that TS6 is available here. I do not have to make a trip to the doctor just to buy it for my mum. Plus there is free delivery too.

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