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Sterimar baby is recommended for daily cleansing of baby's nose.

Sterimar Baby is an isotonic filtered sea water solution, 100% natural and free from preservatives. It provides the beneficial properties of mineral salts and marine trace elements. With a specially designed nozzle and very gentle pressure and microfine spray, Sterimar Baby ensures gentle nasal rinsing and cleansing.

By clearing impurities and germ filled mucus from your baby’s nose, Sterimar Baby not only helps ensure your little one can breath naturally but also helps support the nose’s natural filtering function. This helps ensure it is working as effectively as possible as a first line of defense, helping to prevent infections and allergic reactions.


• Gently cleanse the nose and eliminate impurities (dust, fine pollution, mucus, allergens)
• Aids in natural breathing and bottle feeding.
• Stimulates the natural defenses of the nasal lining.
• 100% Natural
Safe to use in babies 0-3 years of age.

Made in France


Sea water, purified water.


1) Sterimar baby is recommended for daily cleansing of baby's nose. Prime the spray by briefly pressing the nozzle. Lay baby down on his/her side or sit up with baby's head tilted to one side.
2) Gently insert the nozzle into the nostril.
3) Press the nozzle briefly-let any excess solution run out before wiping the nose.
4) Repeat the operation in the other nostril.
5) Clean the nozzle with soapy water, rinse and dry.
Use 2 to 6 times a day or more if required in each nostril.



Rating & Reviews



6 Ratings


Jac Phua 2022-03-12

good for nose hygiene

very helpful to help clear out any first sign of blocked nose

Choon Lin 2019-08-31

Great product good price

Great product at good price if order in pairs. Useful for stuffy nose and helps baby to breathe better.

Iris Desiree 2018-01-09

Great for baby's clogged nose

This was prescribed by my doctor and worked great for my baby's clogged nose. My baby hated it but he slept better because it relieved his stuffy nose.

Cheryl Ann 2017-07-19

Good range of kids' products on Glovida

I like how I can stock up on many of the products my children uses regularly, on Glovida. Great that you have Sterimar, Sambucol and Biogaia on your site. Items that I purchase regularly, but now with the added convenience and better prices on your site.

Kelly 2017-07-18

Baby loves it

Baby enjoys nose spraying after bath likr a game. It helps prevent stuffy nose n clears congestion

Kf 2017-07-18

Gd purchase

Baby no more stuffy nose and the dirt comes out soft

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