Sambucol Black Elderberry Immune Defence Everyday Immuno Forte 250ml




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Ensure that your whole family benefits from the powerful antioxidant properties of black elderberry with the Sambucol Immuno Forte Family Pack! Sambucol Immuno Forte 250ml helps to strengthen immunity and maintain your family's well-being. Aside from black elderberries, this oral liquid has a load of all-natural ingredients, magnified especially with the potent anti-cold and flu effects of vitamin C and zinc. It's great tasting and is a great immunity booster that keeps the family's immune system strong all year round!

Suitable from 2 years +, High antioxidant levels, Great Tasting. No artificial colours or sweeteners.


• Builds up the whole family's immunity from harmful environmental materials
• Wards off the occurrence of viral infections and diseases
• Slows down the cell damage with its powerful antioxidant properties
• Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of colds & flu including sore throat, congestion & cough.

Made in Australia


Adults: 15ml 1-2 times daily.
Children 5-12 years: 15ml once a day.
Children 2-4 years: 7.5ml once a day.

See for a detailed pharmacist's guide on the different Sambucol products and their ingredient lists.



Rating & Reviews



13 Ratings


Jac Phua 2022-03-12

Great taste

Great taste and kids love it! Helps my kids avoid turning into serious condition. Symptoms remain mild and recover fast

Huey Huey 2021-06-14


It's a MUST HAVE for my girl on a daily basis to strengthen immunity. Great product :)

Melissa Choo 2021-02-17


Reasonably priced and its great for colds! Helps to prevent a full blown flu and cough.

Jenny Lee 2020-11-12

Great product! A+++++

This is something you need to get for your family. Whenever my daughter started with symptoms of coughing or flu, she will recover in a day or faster when she takes sambucol elderberry. It will help her recover faster and avoid turning into more serious condition.

cindy XX 2020-11-08

repeated purchase

i've been stocking up on these whenever my kids finish them. great deal!

emily huang 2020-11-04

Great Product

This is a repeat order. I'll either purchase this or the Flu & Cold version. Both tastes great, and works well for my family. Great price and fast delivery from Glovida.

Char 2020-04-12

Great bundle deal!

I bought the bundle deal for 3 bottles - great value for the family-sized which is not available at regular retailers. My kids have been taking Sambucol and I'll definitely be ordering this again!

Alicia 2017-09-20

Great Family Size

The combination of Elderberry, Zinc and Vitamin C certainly helps boost immunity and lessen flu symptoms if it does hit. The 250ml bottle is definitely a great idea for the whole family and isn't so readily available at the stores.

c s tao 2017-07-01

Great pricing, very good product for boosting immunity

I have introduced this to practically everyone in my family and also to my mommy friends. We all find that when we are hit by a flu bug, that this helps to shorten the duration of the sickness, which is great. We now take it regularly especially when we feel that we are coming down with something.

Madeline 2017-04-19

my family's immune booster!

I always have this stocked at home! This is a all-in-one that everyone in the family can use. Keeping everyone healthy and resilient.

Mrs Natasha D 2016-12-27


usually during year-end, the family falls sick... so i decided to buy this for the entire family. it helps! no more sniffles this festive! which is really good, and we can all enjoy the holidays.

april 2016-10-26

this works

this works. love it.

Goodvibes 2016-10-03

My whole family takes this!

I bring this along for all our travels, because it definitely spoils the long awaited holiday when anyone of us falls sick!

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