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The 250ml bottle of Sambucol Cold and Flu contains powerful antioxidant properties of over 2000 black elderberries. Years of study has proven that the antioxidant properties of the elderberry plant is one of the most powerful ingredients for preventing and treating common colds and the influenza virus. Additionally, a bottle of this oral liquid medicine offers full immune system support which prevents flu symptoms, fever, and runny nose.


• Offers powerful immune protection from viral diseases
• Rids the body of harmful, free radicals
• Provides remedies and potent protection from cold and flu
• Prevents the spread of viruses that weaken the immune system

Made in Australia


Adults: 15ml 3-4 times daily.
Children 5-12 years: 15ml 2 times daily.
Children 2-4 years: 7.5-15ml daily.
Best taken at first sign of cold and flu, within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.



Rating & Reviews



5 Ratings


Leigh Wee 2021-06-16

good size

most places sell this in 120ml. i like this 250ml version. much more economical.

FL 2017-09-08

good product

Have been taking for the family to boost immunity. Good and effective product. Will purchase more.

Cheryl 2017-05-27

It works!

Typically when I start getting a sore throat, it is probably a sign of cold and eventually my nose would get very runny/blocked which would last awhile. This time I took sambucol when I started getting a sore throat and surprisingly, my nose didn't act up!!

Mrs Chew 2017-03-27

Stock this at home!

I always have this handy at our home. For the just-in-case... It works.

Mrs Chong 2017-02-02

have this handy

Me and my family are very susceptible to colds and flu. This product from Sambucol is one that I have used and trust. Glovida has them at a good price and I enjoy the free next day delivery service. Highly recommended for all families.

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