Physiogel Calming Relief A.I. Restoring Lipid Balm 50ml




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The Physiogel Calming Relief A.I. Restoring Lip Balm 50ml is packed with powerful lipids that promote an enduring skin moisturisation. It is clinically proven for fast reduction of itch and redness for soothed skin, and strengthens and repairs the skin's moisture barrier. This hypoallergenic lipid balm is gentle and has no damaging preservatives, making it a perfect skin moisturisation choice for babies and children and can reduce the discomfort caused by insisted itch without the fuss.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual.


• For very dry, irritated and reactive skin
• High lipid content with ceramide, contains 40% essential lipids
• Leaves skin soft and supple
• Reduces itch and skin redness
• Strengthen and repair the skin's moisture barrier
• Gently moisturises infants' and children's skin since it has no preservatives, perfumes or colourants

Made in Thailand


Apply twice daily.



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5 Ratings


Sage Lee 2021-06-11

recommended by my GP

for my sensitive skin.

Deborah 2019-05-30

Great for eczema skin

Repeated purchase. The texture of the lipid balm is much smoother and easier to spread than the AI cream version. Found it to be much more effective for eczema than the AI cream too.

Andrea 2018-03-19

Good for babies with eczema or very dry skin

My 1-yr old has occasional outbreak of very dry skin in some areas. I have tried many products but none work as well as this. Have been using this since she was 4mths old. Very expensive though.

Celine 2018-01-14


I got this product for my Niece as she was prescribed with this cream by the doctor due to her dry and irritated skin. It work really well on the baby’s skin if they are suffering from eczema. I had the same problem on my face recently due to the dry weather. Applied the night before and felt better and moisturised the next morning. It is pricey for just 50ml but the effect it gives definitely worth buying.

Reamy 2017-09-12

No to Thirsty skin!

Traveling is what I love most, and this Physiogel calming relief restoring lipid balm is one of the must haves in my travel kit. It helps my skin moisturized during long hauled flights and winter season as well. it's non-sticky, non greasy feel, and no smell at all. It suitable for all skin types. I love this product!

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