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Nizoral 1% Anti-Dandruff Treatment provides effective deep conditioning.

Dandruff is primarily caused by a fungus known as Pityrosporum ovale (P. ovale). Under certain circumstances, P. Ovale can proliferate, irritating the scalp and depleting it of it's nutrients. When this occurs, dead cells are shed from the scalp faster – flaking and itching are the result. This condition is known as dandruff.

Nizoral treats the cause of dandruff – excess of P. ovale found on your scalp. Whilst some other treatments are busy treating only the symptoms, Nizoral goes to work on the cause. In fact, the active ingredient in Nizoral has been clinically proven to be your best defence against P. Ovale. This gentle, active ingredient also binds to the natural protein in your hair called keratin.

Nizoral has a strong affinity for keratin and actually binds with the scalp and hair shafts. Therefore, you only have to use Nizoral twice a week. Continued use just twice a week will keep dandruff from returning.

Made in Belgium


For Adult and Children over 12 year:
Wet hair and apply sufficient treatment to produce a generous lather.
Gently massage over entire scalp area. Rinse thoroughly and repeat.
Use regularly, twice weekly.
Keep treatment out of eyes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.



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