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NeoStrata Gel Plus is an extra strength gel designed for experienced users of Glycolic Acid and those who prefer a light, non-greasy and fast absorbing formula. Glycolic Acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, rough texture and uneven pigment and stimulates collagen synthesis for firmer, younger looking skin. Fragrance-free.


• 15% Glycolic Acid
• Lightweight exfoliating gel
• Softens and smoothes dry skin
• Improves skin texture and tone on oily, acne-prone skin
• Ideal for experienced AHA users with non-sensitive skin

Made in USA


Apply to face and other desired areas once daily for 2 weeks and twice daily thereafter, as tolerated. Daily use of sunscreen or sun avoidance is recommended with use of this AHA product and for one week after to minimise the risk of sun sensitivity / sunburn.



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Iris Desiree 2018-01-09

Amazing product for all over the body

This is a great product. I use this for my face and will put excess on my underarms and legs. It gets rid of ingrown hair after waxing/shaving. And slightly whitens, too!

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