Nature's Own Glucosamine Sulfate with Chondroitin 1500mg Tablets 160's



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The average healthy adult has around 3mm of cartilage, to cushion the joints in the knee but a lifetime of use can take its toll on cartilage. A reduction in cartilage may lead to pain and reduced joint mobility.

Naturally occurring in the body, glucosamine is one of the key building blocks of cartilage and synovial fluid which plays a role in maintaining elasticity, strength and lubrication of cartilage in joints. It’s involved in normal structure & function of joints and in the maintenance of cartilage health.

Chondroitin is also naturally occurring in the body and is a major component of cartilage.


• A high strength 1-a-day glucosamine formulation with chondroitin for joint health
• Contains the most scientifically validated form of glucosamine at the daily dose clinically trialled
• Involved in the maintenance of healthy joint cartilage
• May assist with some symptoms associated with mild osteoarthritis such as: relief of mild joint pain, reduces mild joint stiffness & maintains joint mobility

Made in Australia


Take 1 tablet daily with food or as recommended by your healthcare professional.


All our products have a minimum shelf life of 12 months (or more), unless stated otherwise.

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Nicola See 2021-06-09

got this for my parents

love this brand from Australia and was looking for a glucosamine supplement for my parents. got 2 to enjoy the better price.

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