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Address eye dehydration and provide instant comfort to dry eyes with Lumecare Hypromellose Eye Drops 10ml!

Hypromellose’s eye drops, commonly known as “artificial tears”, is an ophthalmic solution that protects the eyes from drying out. What it does is it stimulates a cellulose called hypromellose, which offers extended moisturising benefits to the eyes.

It acts as an effective eye lubricant that provides effective hydration and relieves eye dryness and soreness. Furthermore, it protects against conjunctivitis or “pink eye”. Make your eyes feel more comfortable with this tear substitute now!


• Reverses eye dehydration by providing “artificial tears” that keeps the eye moisturised
• Protects the eyes from drying out and defends against further damage
• Protects against conjunctivitis or “pink eye”

Made in UK


Place one drop of Lumecare Hypromellose eye drops into each eye two to four times a day. If you are contact lens wearer remove your lenses and do not replace then until 30 minutes after using the solution.



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2 Ratings


Gerry Wong 2021-06-05

Very affordable and good product

First tried this when the doctor prescribed it at the polyclinics. Affordable and works well for dry eyes.

Shan 2019-11-30

Fast and Cheap

The product is well packed and is a fresh manufacturing batch. Very fast delivery. Value for money!

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