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Say goodbye to sore throat and annoying phlegm build-up with Leftose Max Lozenges Blackcurrant Flavour added with Vitamin C & Zinc!

This product is developed with the remarkable natural enzyme called Lysozyme, which is traced to human tears, breastmilk, saliva and egg white. What this powerful enzyme does is it destroys harmful bacteria attempting to enter the body. It also powerfully boosts immunity to block out common illnesses and raise the body’s defense against harmful elements.

Leftose is a trusted brand by millions worldwide and has over four decades-worth of expertise and effectiveness under its belt.
It’s a natural non-drowse formula that relieves sore throat and dissolves phlegm build up.


• Provides effective and instant relief from pesky sore throat
• Breaks down phlegms and mucus build-up
• Effectively halts and destroys harmful bacteria before it gets into the body
• Amplifies immune support
• Sugar-Free
• Non-drowsy

Make in UK


Dissolve 1 lozenge slowly in the mouth every 2 to 3 hrs or as required.
Each Lozenege contains Lysozyme Hydrochloride 120mg, which is derived from egg white.



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ROY S 2021-06-24

Love these blackcurrent lozenges

This is a throat saviour! Whenever i am having sore throat, Leftose lozenges never fails! Taste great, soothes and helps relieve my throat inflammation. Works all the time with a bad sore throat! Love it!

SS Tan 2021-04-28

Great lozenge for throat!

I've been having a bit of scratchy throat on and off, and I must share with you my experience with Leftose Max. I LOVE IT!! ❤❤❤ The taste is so nice and after taking it, my scratchy/ sore throat will almost immediately feel so much better! Just try it for yourself...... the proof of the pudding is in the tasting!

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