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Get real and fast relief from sore throat and chesty cough for your kids with Lefties Syrup for Kids 100ML: Lysozyme Hydrochloride!

This sweet, non-drowse formula comes in a syrup version that is easy on the taste buds. Leftose Syrup is a 2-in-1 formulation that is anti-inflammatory. It removes phlegm in throat to provide effective and quick relieve for children. It also provides comfort from chest congestion and makes it easier for phlegm to be coughed out by breaking down the chest build up.

Finally, it provides longer relief from pain and swelling that comes with pesky sore throat.


• Non-drowsy formula trusted by doctors for over 40 years to provide quick and effective relief from sore throat
• Effectively breaks down build up in the chest to relieve chesty coughs
• Reduces inflammation cause by persisting sore throats
• Relieves pain and swelling


Less than 2 years old: 1-2mL 3 times daily.
2-6 years old: 2-3mL 3 times daily. 
7-14 years old:3-4mL 3 times daily. 
Not to be consumed by people allergic to egg white.



Rating & Reviews



7 Ratings


Jac Phua 2022-03-12

natural product

kids love taking this. it's natural and helps them recover slowly. don't expect fast results

KY Lee 2022-01-03


my daughter took this and recovered in a week time. Highly recommended. Speed delivery

Elizabeth Lim 2021-06-15

A staple at home

Been using Leftose for many years already. My mom loves the tablets as it helps her clear the phlegms especially with night coughs and my kids love Leftose because it tastes good (not too sweet, and without those artificial tastes that many cough syrups have). Works well every single time.

Tasha Lee 2021-06-08

very good natural product

thank you for the sample of Leftose Syrup! after trying the bottle that you guys gave, I bought another 3 bottles to stock at home. cos it really helps to expel phlegm and works not just for kids but for adults too.

Shannia 2019-10-22

love the stickers inside!

Such a nice touch. And made the kids so happy! I am tempted to buy more just for the stickers. hahah. and of course, the syrup worked really well and help the kids with their cough; they were able to cough the phlegm out and recovered speedily!

Charmaine 2019-06-12

Thanks for stocking this!!

My kids got it prescribed by the PD and it works very very well.. very happy that I can now order this very easily Thanks so much! Item works great to ease their cough

Mommy of 2 2017-07-01

works really well for my kids

I was first introduced to Leftose by my PD. It works really well for my kids' coughs and best thing is, it is sweet, so my kids don't resist it.

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