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Relieve pesky urinary tract infection (UTI) with LactoCran+ Premium Cranberry Probiotics 30’s! This product is infused with CranMax—a USA patented cranberry formula that promotes cleaner urinary tract and better digestive health.

This CranMax is combined with 19 powerful probiotics & prebiotics that block out the pathogenic effects of UTI-causing bacteria. Additionally, the Bio-Shield Technology in this product helps protect the CranMax as it makes its way to the digestive system to achieve high stability & optimal delivery to the tract. LactoCran+ also lowers the dependency on antibiotics & prevents UTI from recurring by lowering the risk of bacterial infection.


• Effectively relieves urinary tract infection (UTI)
• Promotes cleansing of urinary tract
• Promotes better digestive health
• Blocks out the pathogens in UTI-causing bacteria
• Lowers one’s dependency on antibiotics
• Lowers the risk of bacterial infection

Made in Korea


Adults and Children > 12 years and above : For maintenance 1 sachet a day. For intense support: 2 sachets a day.
Children 5 - 12 years old: For maintenance 1/2 sachet a day.



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2 Ratings


Gerry Wong 2021-06-05

Taste really good

Probiotics that taste really good and very convenient to carry around. Much easier to take than having to down a lot of cranberry drinks or taking a lot of yoghurt for UTI.

Candy 2020-05-22


This is my first time trying this probiotics and hopefully it works as it claimed to be.

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