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One of the most powerful holistic probiotic products developed in Korea and has found national acclaim in Singapore is Lactomin Advance + Probiotics 30’s.

It's is powered by essential vitamins B, D, B1 & B2 (produces energy for healthier heart, muscles, nerve), B5 (breaks down carbs and fat for energy), B6 (breaks down protein), B9 (produces red blood cells) and D3 (strengthens bones and teeth), all of which strengthens immunity and promotes better digestion. It boasts the unique (US) patented combination of three probiotics (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Longum and Streptococcus Faecalis) which improves stomach health and keeps the good bacteria into your system. 100% natural, safe, and GMP certified by Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).


• Effectively strengthens immunity
• Promotes better digestion
• Powered by essential vitamins B1 & B2 which produces energy to promote better heart, nerve, and muscle health
• Has Vitamin B5 which helps break down carbs and fat for energy use, B6 to break down protein, B9 to produce red blood cells, and D3 to strengthen bones and teeth

Made in Korea


Build & Support Immunity:
1 sachet, after meal.

Relieves stomach upset:
Adults- 3 to 4 sachets daily, Kids- 2 to 3 sachets daily.


Can be taken directly (Simply tear along the grey perforated line on the sachet)
Can be taken dissolving in room temperature water.


No refrigeration required, store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.



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15 Ratings


SS Tan 2021-06-30

Great probiotics that tastes delicious!

This is my go-to probiotic that I take whenever I have any stomach upset or feel bloated. Works girl loves it too!! :)

ROY S 2021-06-24

Probiotics that works!

Been taking this daily for good digestion, taste great and works! Whenever i have diarrhoea or stomachache, Lactomin never fails with 3-4 sachets at one go. The diarrhoea stops and stomachache goes away in a short time. This shows the product works! Highly recommend for good digestion and immunity.

Celia Toh 2021-06-22

recommended by the pharmacist

this is a good quality probiotic. it is very tasty. my kids are taking lactokids also. good brand.

Elizabeth Lim 2021-06-15

Works really well for diarrhoea and constipation

Works every time there is a stomach upset. Lactomin is now a staple at home given how it works so well for every tummy upset, does not require refrigeration and best of all, the kids enjoy taking them simply because they taste so good.

Sage Lee 2021-06-11

love that it can be kept in room temperature

so much more practical. and i will remember to eat them cos i can see them! i have tried with the other brands which require refrigeration and it just doesnt work... out of sight out of mind...

Candy 2020-05-22


Good tasting probiotics. It's my first time trying.

Mary 2020-03-16

Useful supplement, good price

Was prescribed this by GP for upset tummy/bloat. Liked how it works and taste, so decided to continue long-term. Glad to find it here and at a reasonable price. Thanks!

Serene Ong 2017-08-07

Great for travelling! Grab and go!

A friend recommended Lactomin, not many probiotic brands come in sachet packaging. Personally i love sachet packaged products, the ease of travelling with it! You don't need to bring the whole bottle or worry about repackaging tablets. It is so well packed and freshly sealed! My family and i have been taking Lactomin, and it is soooo good! Wiped out all my digestive problems! Highly recommend!

Xie Liping 2017-08-07

Well Done Lactomin!

My 7 year old daughter loves taking lactomin! She just can't stop popping lactomin! Good thing it a supplement, if not i will be in trouble. She takes once a day, sometimes twice. I have seen her gut improved as she does everything with ease and daily. The taste is so good, she says its like taking "Horlicks sweet!" With a healthy digestive system taken care of, she can focus on her priorities.

Rick Clay 2017-08-07

Recommended by my GP, Relieved all my digestive problems!

A friend told me about this after I told her of my digestive problems. I was not sure I wanted to take on a daily basis. But when my GP agreed I should be taking them. I decided to give it a shot. I have now been taking Lactomin daily for about 2 years and what a difference it really makes! My digestive problems are all gone!

Charmaine Kris 2017-08-07

Improved my immunity and my kids love it too!

I started taking this about half a year ago and it's been really good. My overall health has improved and I feel alot better. I recommend for kids also take it and love it. Especially the taste!

Asher Chan 2017-08-07

High quality at affordable price!

After spending so much money and so much time trying expensive probiotic products, I finally purchased Lactomin about a 2 weeks ago. I was surprised at how quickly it began to work! I take one in the morning, and all is well! Best part it is priced reasonably and cheaper than other probiotic brands, plus it works as well, if not even better!"

Johnson Yap 2017-08-07

Highly recommend Lactomin! Taste good too!

For over 5 years my digestive tract has been like a volatile stock market. Then a year ago, my aunt said that she was having a problem with her digestive tract and she had started taking Lactomin probiotics daily, and she felt so much better. So, I tried them, and after 5 years of my digestive tract controlling me, I finally got in control of my digestive tract. I love this product. It taste so good and works great. Make sure you drink water after taking the powder probiotics!

Ryan 2017-07-01

Great-tasting probiotics, convenient to carry around

Was first introduced to this by my doctor. Find it very easy to bring around, tastes really good too.

MH Wong 2017-06-08

My kids love the taste of this!

Very handy to bring for travels (no need for refrigeration), really works (for constipation or diarrhoea) and most importantly, kids love the taste!

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