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LactoGG is one of the world's most scientifically-backed probiotic supplement. Boasting over 44 proven health benefits verified by extensive research, it contains the power of the probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain also known as "Lactobacillus GG", and is packed with 20 billion CFU per capsule. Widely studied and scientifically proven, each capsule of LactoGG Probiotic provides a relief for a variety of symptoms. It boosts the immune system and has active ingredients that provide relief from constipation. The capsules halt the risk of infections and also provide bio-therapeutic benefits that make it a perfect long-term health supplement for gut health.


• Effectively improves and balances gut health
• Has bio-therapeutic benefits that defend against the spread of bacterial infections
• Provides strong and fast relief from acute diarrhoea and constipation

Made in USA


Babies and children: take ½ or 1 capsule daily. Capsule to be taken apart and the contents placed directly into the child’s mouth or added to room temperature milk or food.
Adults: 1 capsule daily.




LactoGG is stored in air-conditioned environments in our warehouse. Packing and delivering of probiotics are done on the very same day to maintain quality of probiotics. We do not accept exchanges or returns after products are delivered.

If you have any questions about the ideal use of this probiotic, its effects or anything else, feel free to fill in an online enquiry form. Our representatives will be happy to help.

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16 Ratings


Calise 2018-02-24

Protects gut health

Lactogg protects the gut health of my children esp when they are down with stomach flu and could not stomach anything. I bought a dozen at one go during 12.12 sale. My children are taking one per day. Builds up their immunity. Glovida never fails to call to arrange delivery time slot. Prompt and responsible!

Lin 2017-11-10

Better deal

Consider to be more expensive than other probiotics and managed to get from Glovida at a cheaper price. Got it for my baby for eczema (recommended by pd) and hopes in long run, it will improves his condition.

Fiona 2017-11-09

Thumbs up!

Good product especially in helping bowel movements for my toddler!

Louisa 2017-08-20

Pricier than other probiotics

This product is generally pricier than other probiotics I've tried. But it's like this across other places, and Glovida happens to sell them cheaper than pharmacies. I don't know if this probiotic is the best for me, but so far based on what I have tried, this one seems to work well for me, and I have noticed less occurrences of gastric pains when on this. The downside is that this probiotic needs to be refrigerated, so I tend to forget to take it as regularly as I hope to. I still hope price for this will go down across the board!

Jan 2017-08-17

Excellent Product, Price & Personal Service!

I have ordered this product from Glovida twice, because of its excellent service. The staff is kind and extremely efficient. The product is a must-have for young kids and prevents most stomach discomforts. The price is good especially when there are promotions such as Mother's Day or Anniversary Promotions! Highly recommended!

Rosalind 2017-08-16

Happy with it

Fast delivery. Maybe can put expire date on the website.

Rosalind 2017-08-16

Happy with it

Fast delivery. Maybe can put expire date on the website.

Michelle 2017-07-16

Best quality probiotics out there

Because of our busy schedule we hardly have time to make our own fermented products such as kefir. So our next best alternative is to source for a top quality probiotics to improve our gut health. Our family lives by this brand and have felt a difference to our bowel movements, and immunity.

Lynda 2017-07-10

Very impressive service

I was very impressed by the prompt service Glovida gave. The probiotics really arrived the very next day and the courier service came with a cooler bag. Very good pricing too, especially with 2 or more of the same product.

Hope J 2017-07-02

Happy with product. Delivered very quickly

Happy with product. Delivered very quickly

Gwen 2017-07-01

Excellent service, super fast delivery

I have ordered from Glovida a couple of times, super fast delivery, sometimes within a few hours of ordering - super impressed. Great prices too.

Arriandana 2017-04-19

I always stock up on this.

and love it that you have introduced lower prices for purchasing in larger quantities. Thanks!

T 2017-04-05

good service and fast delivery

someone from the Glovida team called before making the delivery in order to ensure product can be kept in a temperature controlled environment. very impressive. I will buy again for sure.

Penny Cheng 2017-03-14

Great customer service

Thank you for patiently answering all the questions I had wrt the products! You have been most helpful. I appreciate it greatly! :)

J 2017-03-13

Still undecided if it's helping with my eczema. P.S. Great after sales service

I've been on lactogg for about 3 months or so now. Need more time to tell if it's benefitting me. Will continue to take it for a few more months. p.s. I ordered a box of lactogg but received another brand's probiotic capsules. I emailed Glovida; they replied shortly after. They were apologetic and said that they'd self-deliver the correct item to me later that day. Rather fast delivery, great customer service.

Sabrina Tan 2017-03-13

I will definitely order again!

It was a breeze ordering. The online chat was also easy to use. Delivery was very fast and good. I will definitely order again! 

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