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Isoderm’s doctor recommended soap-free liquid cleanser now comes with a pump! Isoderm Liquid Soap-Free Cleanser with a Pump 500ml is a non-alkaline cleanser packed with moisturising capabilities that make your skin soft and supple. It’s an ideal cleanser that is perfect for both adult and baby skin, as it not only moisturises but also builds up the skin’s acidic mantle. This liquid cleanser provides intense protection from bacterial infections and environmental factors. Finally, it’s a good choice for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.


• Has intense moisturisation properties to make skin soft and supple.
• Provides optimum protection from harmful environmental factors.
• Effectively defends the skin against bacterial infections by building the skin’s acidic mantle.

Made in Germany


Rinse skin with water, lather Isoderm Liquid Cleanser and apply to face and body, then rinse.
Use twice daily.



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13 Ratings


Wee Li Goi 2021-08-18

Great product

Been using this since GP recommended. Always buy 3 at a single go for maximum savings. Cheaper than everywhere and fast delivery.

SS Tan 2021-06-30

Gentleness you can feel immediately!

Have been looking around for a gentle cleanser that does not dry up the skin... and fell in love with this immediately. Nice scent and so gentle on the skin.... can feel the effects almost immediately!

Huey Huey 2021-06-14

Love Isoderm

My husband has very sensitive skin - was grateful to friend who has recommended us Isoderm. He has no complain since then :)

Geraldine Lim 2021-06-05

My family and I have been using Isoderm for years!

I have tried all kinds of cleansers. Most are just too drying in the long run..and those that are for sensitive skin are too mild and do not form a lather (so there's always this feeling like you havent quite finished bathing:P) Isoderm lathers well, is not drying and it is suitable for sensitive, eczema-prone skin (like my daughter's) and really keeps the skin moisture locked in. Never felt the need to change cleansers since we started Isoderm.

Denise Tay 2021-02-04

Good buy

Delivered promptly in good conditions. Good product for dry skin.

Jelin 2020-07-28

Isoderm is gentle and healing

Was recommended to Isoderm by my doctor as a face wash 4 years ago. Subsequently use it as a body wash too as was thinking since it is so gentle even for the face, why not on body. It helps soothe my urticaria, keeping my skin moist yet smooth feel. Since then I recommended isoderm to a few friends who have eczema issues and it helps soothe the problem too.

Poppy 2017-10-30

Best liquid cleanser for eczema skin

My son has had eczema since he was little and it has got worse through the years with his track and field and football. He's 18 and at the moment, he's just managing the condition as he just can't give up his sports. One doctor recommended Isoderm about 2 years ago and he's been using this since. Having tried so many products, he feels this liquid cleanser works best for him and it's most soothing. The only drawback - it's $25 for a 500ml bottle at the pharmacies! So, when I managed to get this at $17 per bottle at Glovida, I jumped on it. I'm just glad I found Glovida and the best part, I get the items in a matter of 2 days or so. So, why not!

Esther 2017-08-21

Gentle for my sensitive skin

I love how this product is able to use for both face and body. It's really convenient for me to use the same product without the need to stock up 2 products for different usage. It also cleanses effectively and I can use it at ease without worrying allergic reaction

Esther 2017-07-04

Best cleanser ever

This is by far the best cleanser. Am glad to have found it here. We stock up on this at home and thus, the savings with orders of 3 or more works really well for us.

pearlball 2017-05-08


Was introduced to isoderm by my dermatologist 10 years ago. It was great, and I introduced to my family. It has hence become the favourite for us! Glad to find this website and enjoy amazing saving!

Life is Good! 2017-02-01

My all-time favourite

I was first introduced to this several years ago by my family doctor. Absolutely love it! My entire family uses this, and I am so glad to have found this here. Hard to find outside and the superb price here really helps in savings, especially for a family staple like this!

Mr. K Chung 2016-12-19

my family uses this

my family uses this. it's great.

Lisa 2016-07-28

Isoderm is a great product.

Been looking hi and low for this...glad you have this stocked and at a good price.

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