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Immunped - Patented Zinc + Vitamin C is a PediaTech® patented syrup that combines the effective ZincPlus® and TasteRite® technologies, a unique combination of Zinc and Vitamin C. The apple-tasting, Immunped syrup is packed with Zinc which helps kill the bacteria and viruses that targets children's immunity, therefore strengthening their resistance to common colds and pneumonia. Formulated for kids, the syrup provides a delicious taste without the astringent taste of Zinc.


• Supports and empowers children’s immunity
• Fights and reduces the duration of the common cold
• Reduces the incidence of pneumonia in children


Children 9-13 years: 5-10 ml;
Children 4-8 years: 5 ml;
Children 1-3 years: 2.5 ml



NOTE: Due to high demand, we are limiting each customer to 5 bottles per purchase. This is so we can serve more customers and allow everyone a fair chance to get their hands on the item(s). If you would like to enjoy free shipping with purchases above $79, kindly consider other kids vitamins and supplements under our Immunity Booster category. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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30 Ratings


Si Yi Peh 2022-11-14

Good to stock up

Second time purchasing this item from Glovida as it is a good supplement to help build up my baby's immunity (since he goes to infant care). Price is also slightly cheaper than what you can get from other sources.

Rosalind Chia 2022-05-04

Taste nice and good for baby

Taste wise is good and helps to build my baby's immunity. He loves it and will purchase more.

Jac Phua 2022-03-12

recommended by PD

helps to boost immunity for little one. easy to take

JL JL 2022-02-13


best for my kids' immune booster, speaking from my own experience

Adolph Dsouza 2022-01-13

Repeat Purchase

Have been taking Immunped on the recommendation of my son's pediatrician. Find Glovida as a reputable source to buy medical supplies. Have placed orders now 7 times and every time the delivery has been prompt and efficient on the same day. Also the products are well packed to ensure no leakage or damage to the glass bottles.

KY Lee 2022-01-03

Taste good and thick

my children like the taste, friend recommended this brand.

J . 2021-12-11

Great during times of sickness

Helps to build immunity!

Celia Toh 2021-06-22

very helpful service

the glovida team was very helpful in my queries when i was wanting to purchase this. saw a lot of other sellers selling, but i trust Glovida for its quality products and authenticity, so getting it here!

Sherri Koh 2021-06-06


Effective. Zinc has been found to be effective in fight against Covid-19 too.

Melissa Choo 2021-02-17

Good buy

Reasonably priced. Works in building immunity for my kid. If only can buy more at one go.

Amelia Tan 2020-12-29


Repeated purchase

Choon Lin 2019-08-31

Finally found it!

Hard to find liquid zinc for kids locally, I'm glad to find it here in Glovida. Ordering was a breeze and delivery was fast!

Charmaine 2019-06-12

Trying it for the first time..

Heard many reviews abt this product and I’m Glad I’m able to order it from here easily! My kids love the taste n don’t fight taking their vitamins now. Thanks for the fast delivery!

Mabel 2018-08-26

Recommended by my Pedia

I got to know this vitamins because this is the exact one I got from my PD. It’s recommended by my PD and getting from Glovida gets much discount. Good product!

kok wee 2018-04-12

Best price for this product

we usually pay about 18 dollars from our GP and this product is the most accessible and cheapest on this webpage

Ivy 2018-03-08

Good Product

Product was recommended by a doctor as my gal had been down frequently. My gal had been taking it daily for the past 2 months... so far so good!

Htet 2018-03-04

Great Product by Great Seller

Very hard to find at online store. Thanks for selling with great price.

Jiayue 2018-02-06

good product good delivery!

this is really next working day delivery! will definitely come back for this. It was recommended by my PD.

JK 2018-01-31

This helps to boost my kid's immunity

I've been giving this to my kid since she was 2 under the recommendation of my pd, as she kept falling sick when she was younger. I would say that there has been an improvement since then, and I'm glad that I have a convenient source to buy this rather than needing to go to the pd. Please do not ever discontinue this!

Yar 2017-09-21

This product is very good for kids,

Kid love eating this vitamin Everyday!

Sarena 2017-09-18

work wonder

After my kids go childcare they fall sick often. so my friend recommended this to me. and it work well for my kids and my kids love the apple taste.

KAI 2017-09-14

Happy Customer

Was introduced to this product by my kids' PD and have been giving feeding them both on a daily basis and have noticed a difference in boosting my kids' immunity. Have recommended this product to fellow mummies too. Glad Glovida carries this as I can purchase it directly; the parcel is nicely bubble wrapped and reaches me promptly.

Ernest 2017-09-06

Great product

This product is great for boosting immunity

Sheena 2017-09-03

Great product and service

Been getting this from my pd since my kids were toddlers. Seem to be effective. Though the price at glovida is not that competitive, it saves me trips to pd to get the product as it is not readily available over the counter. Hope glovida can get better prices soon!

Dawn 2017-08-31

Seems to work

Introduced by my friend whose pd introduced this supplement to her. Glad that I chose to get this product as it seems to be working in increasing my kids' immunity.

Lily 2017-08-31

working well

This product works well for my son. Glovida sell it cheaper than other place and delivery is next day after purchase, very efficient.

Rinna 2017-08-20


Super happy to find this here and will wait for my parcel to come ^^

Rachel 2017-07-27

Take this whenever my kids fall ill

My package came very nicely and securely packed. Have been using Immunped for a while, but always found it rather expensive for a very small bottle. It is good that I can stock it up here on Glovida at a cheaper price when I buy more.

Josephine 2017-07-11

Great products stocked on Glovida

My children have been taking Immunped for a year now. We find that it helps to boost their immunity. Great that you have it here, so that it is easier for us to stock up on this essential. Product came very nicely packed and promptly too.

Estelle 2017-07-10

Super glad you have this stocked here

I was first introduced to Immunped by my PD. Very glad to have found it here, saves me the hassle of going back to the clinic to purchase this immunity booster that I give regularly to my kids. Your discounted price for bulk buys also makes it more enticing to stock up. Good job, Glovida!

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