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Heliocare is an award-winning European brand celebrated for its distinctive and innovative sun protection capabilities. Powered by its patented Fernblock® Technology, this eminent leader in photoprotection traces its success to numerous collaborations with the prestigious Harvard Medical School, as well as partnerships with and endorsements from a number of leading sun protection experts. Heliocare offers a line of topical and oral photoprotectors that shields users from a range of harmful rays and halts the development of hyperpigmentation. This brand is a true winner among aesthetic doctors; a true antidote that strengthens overly sensitive skin.

Heliocare Ultra Oral 30's is an oral sunblock that is clinically proven and studied to prevent the spread of free radicals. Every sunscreen capsules has the antioxidant property of Fernblock FC which reduces the formation of hyperpigmentation brought on by harmful UV rays. The sunscreen properties strengthen the skin's resistance against sunburn by up to 300%. The protection from Fernblock also slows down skin aging by up to 55% through the inhibition of collagen depletion caused by UVA.

Bolstered with ingredients such as lycopene, lutein, vitamin C and vitamin E has additional antioxidant benefits and also protects the eye from UV rays. Other than protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, Fernblock repairs existing cellular damage, preventing cell mutation and in turn premature skin aging. The oral capsules serve as an ideal supplement for post-procedural skin or for those who have undergone skin treatments.


• Protects skin from damage caused by prolonged sun exposure
• Defends skin against premature ageing
• Rebuilds the skin's natural defences
• Protects the eyes from UV rays with its additional antioxidant properties
• Gluten free

Made in Spain


Take one capsule daily before exposure to sun. In case of prolonged exposure, take a second capsule approximately 4 hours later
Do not exceed the stated recommended daily consumption.



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15 Ratings


J . 2021-12-11

On top of topical sunscreen

this helps to make sure the entire body is taken care of, especially when you are prone to pigmentation

Gibbon Ng 2021-06-25

Must have if you love outdoor activities

Have been purchased for many months and love the product as it protected me from harmful UV, highly recommend to those who love outdoor activities especially under the hot sun. Always received within 2-3 days and pack with bubble wrap. Item received in good condition. Thanks.

Daria Soh 2021-06-22

taking this with the topical sunscreen

only 1 capsule a day for this. very convenient. and i use it along with the topical sunscreen for Heliocare. living in singapore, you can never get enough sun protection! and this is a great brand for it. highly recommended if you have not tried it.

Sage Lee 2021-06-11

my choice of oral sunscreen!

been taking it for years. along with the purewhite radiance max 240. All recommended by my aesthetics doctor.

Gerry Wong 2021-06-05

My must-have before any outdoor sports

Been taking this for years, especially before a late morning walk, or a game of tennis under the hot scorching sun. Works really well to prevent sunburn. Glovida's service is also really prompt and queries are answered very quickly.

Annie Chua 2021-01-28

Natural sunscreen

I love this oral sunscreen made from natural herbs. Has been my daily dose to protect against harmful UV. Great product

MeLz 2018-02-25

Swear by this

I swear by this product. It's really made a difference to my sunscreen needs. After I started using it, my friends have also commented that my skin looks mich fairer than before. The price listed here is very reasonable too.

Fern 2017-11-05

Love it

First took it a few months back and it indeed protect me from the harsh sun. Can see the difference when I stopped for two months. Now planning to get it again.

Lee Hui 2017-07-03

My must-have before Legoland!

My kids love to go to legoland and the weather there is really hot and sunny with few trees! This is my must-have before we head to Legoland....this plus Heliocare 360 sunscreen and pure white radiance :P

Jess 2017-06-26

Items was rec'd in good condition. Good & will purchase again.

Items was rec'd in good condition. Good & will purchase again.

Nicole 2017-06-26

Re-purchased. Great product and service. Would buy again.

Re-purchased. Great product and service. Would buy again.

hannahmom 2017-05-05

An essential before outdoor excursions

This is my go-to everytime we do outdoor activities or go for our resort trips. Prevention is better than cure. Good service, prompt delivery.

Louisa 2017-04-03


I love this! Totally awesome that I can now get it online and delivered to my home!!!

josie 2016-10-03

good that you guys stock this

glad to have found this here, or else quite troublesome to always go to my doctor's to buy...

may 2016-09-27


sunscreen in a capsule! I can go for my workout in the outdoors without worrying about my sunscreen melting away with my perspiration!

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