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Ginflex is a natural drug-free option for the relief of joint and muscular pain. Ginflex capsules have 4 active ingredients like Aflapin, Ginger, Tumeric, and Winter Cherry to reduce pain & swelling.

Aflapin is a novel, patented formulation shown to have higher absorption and more powerful anti-inflammatory effects, thus further reducing pain and inflammation more quickly.


• Relieve pain, aches & strains
• Reduces inflammation & swelling
• Decreases joint stiffness
• Improves physical function
• Natural, 100% plant-based, drug-free
• Suitable for adults, including vegetarians and elderly.

Combines 4 plant-based active ingredients with both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties:

• Resina Withania Somnifera Extract (Winter Cherry) 180mg
• Resina Boswellia Serrata Extract (AFLAPIN Indian Frankincense) 100mg
• Rhizoma Curcuma Longa Extract (Turmeric) 72mg
• Rhizoma Zingiber Officinale Extract (Ginger) 72mg

Made in Malaysia


Take 1 capsule daily after meals.



Rating & Reviews



3 Ratings


Serene Sim 2021-11-08

Works well

My dad got this from the doctor and works well for him.

Leigh Wee 2021-06-16

my dad's doctor prescribed this

and i got this here for him along with the other supplements for my mum and family.

J S 2021-06-04

got this from my doctor too!

so convenient to be able to get it here without visiting the doctor. excellent for this time where we all spend more time at home and reduce the time we spend out of home.

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