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GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo is a mild, soap and sulphate free gel that is extremely gentle on little scalps as well as your baby's skin and eyes.

This nourishing baby shampoo is pH neutral, low foaming and gently cleansing for the hair and the scalp without stripping your baby’s natural protective oils. It contains added moisturising properties to stop dry and flaky scalp, minimising the chance of cradle cap.

Not only suitable for newborns, babies and toddlers but great for all the family as well and a little goes a long way so you don't need to use a lot to get beautiful, shiny hair. Ideal for everyday use.

GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo is enriched with:

• Certified organic sweet orange, naturally antibacterial to gently cleanse
• Certified organic evening primrose oil to soften and condition baby's scalp and hair
• Certified organic chamomile to brighten and bring out the natural highlights


• Extremely mild and gentle even on eyes
• Moisturising and calming properties of chamomile and evening primrose oils
• pH balanced
• No soap, sulphates or harsh cleaning agents
• No silicone or petrochemicals

Made in Australia


Wet their heads a little using your hand, a small cup or a cloth, making sure water doesn’t trickle down the face.
Take a pea-sized amount of GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo and gently lather it into their hair. Don’t rub vigorously!
Use your hand, the cup or cloth to rinse out the shampoo carefully.
Note*- It uses plant-based surfactants and therefore low foaming.



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Sarah A 2021-06-04

love this!!!

Thank you for listening to my feedback and bringing this in. you are awesome, Glovida. :)

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