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Supplement support for mummies in Singapore? Look no further than Ganilia® Soft Gel For Pregnancy & Lactation!
Ganilia® Soft Gel is packed with healthy ingredients that is packaged in capsule form to provide support for pregnant and lactating women. Rooted on more than a decade’s worth of scientific research, it’s a truly innovative formula that supplies the balanced combination of 15 essential minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids (DHA, EPA) needed during pregnancy and lactation to keep both mummies and their babies healthy!


COMPREHENSIVE : 15 Vitamins, minerals and DHA, all in 1 capsule.
INNOVATIVE: Ganilia MICROENCAPSULATED iron protects DHA from oxidation. It is better absorbed, with 2.7 times higher bio-availability compared to Ferrous Sulphate. And, does not cause constipation and other gastro-instestinal disturbances (stomach upset).
• 2 capsules daily to meet your daily requirements during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding.
• Keeps both pregnant women and their unborn babies healthy.

Made in Germany


Take 2 capsules once daily before meals.



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2 Ratings


Sharifah Falisha 2022-03-08

great buy

super fast delivery

Nicola See 2021-06-09

recommended by my gynea

good nutritional supplement for expecting mothers. slight fishy smell due to the fish oil. but it's very good.

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