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Get rid of the sticky, nasty phlegm with Fluimucil A 600mg Effervescent Tablets 10s! Each Fluimucil Tablet is packed with powerful mucolytic ingredients that address a variety of seasonal respiratory infections. Each tablet provides relief from mucus build-up by targeting and breaking down the mucus structure, easing the expulsion of phlegm that blocks the airways. It prevents colds, coughs, and sore throats and quickly removes phlegm congestion on the lungs so you and your kids can breathe easily!


• Effectively breaks down and dissolves mucus build-up with its powerful mucolytic ingredients.
• Addresses a variety of seasonal respiratory infections.
• Reduces the duration of colds, chesty coughs, and sore throats.
• Powerfully removes phlegm build-up on the lungs and chest.
• Suitable for adults and children above 6 years old.
• Lemon Flavouring

Made in Switzerland


1 effervescent tablet of FLUIMUCIL® A 600 mg once a day 


Dissolve the tablet in a glass containing a small quantity of water, mixing it, if necessary, with a spoon. A palatable solution is thus obtained to be drunk immediately. It is preferable not to mix other drugs with the FLUIMUCIL® A 600mg solution. It is advisable to administer antibiotics 2 hours apart from Acetylcysteine.



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2 Ratings


Mary S L 2021-06-07

this is a must have at home

this is such an established brand and works so well. a must have for every homes.

Kelly 2019-01-29

i like this

i like to use fluimucil whenever i am down with flu symptons.

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