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Flexiseq Gel is a topically applied knee pain cream that eases the pain associated with osteoarthritis. Packed with powerful joint-care ingredients, Flexiseq Gel specifically targets and lubricates the affected joints to reduce overall joint stiffness and address tissue damage. Every application provides overall pain relief to stiff and swelling joints and brings back movement on the affected areas!


• Clinically proven safe and drug free.
• Effectively eases joint pain and swelling.
• Brings mobility back to affected joints.
• Deeply absorbable to relieve persisting knee pains.
• Suitable for all osteoarthritis patients.
• Can be used safely with medicines for osteoarthritis and/or other medical conditions.

Made in Germany


1) Apply twice daily, in the morning and the evening, to the soft tissues around affected joint.
2) Apply a quantity appropriate to the size of the joint being treated for example, for the knee joint 2.2g of gel is recommended (corresponding to a gel length of 7cm)
3) Allow the treated area to dry out before covering. Failure to do so may impair the absorption of the product. The gel should dry after no more than 15 minutes. If drying time takes longer, just use a little less next time.



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Tee Aun Lim 2021-11-27

Review flexiseq

3rd purchase from Glovida. Flexiseq worked in reducing knee pain but need to be applied long term which raised issue of affordability versus an injection of synovial fluid. If Flexiseq is priced lower it will definitely be a viable alternative to synovial injection.

Benjamin 2019-03-07


This is a good topical application for joints.

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