Enterogermina Probiotics 2 Billion/ 5ml 20 Vials


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Enterogermina 2 Billion known as the world’s number one probiotic, it contains the spores of Bacillus Clausii, that helps in overcoming the barrier of acid gastric juice and reaches the intestinal tract undamaged. They are then transformed into metabolically active cells that multiply and go on to restore the correct intestinal flora. The formulation of Enterogermina 2 billion is also indicated for administration to children and infants.

Your child’s gut flora is constantly put to task for reasons like seasonal changes, dietary changes or consequences of antibiotic therapy. It’s important to maintain the balance of this flora because 70% of the body’s immunity lies in the gut. In this regard, Enterogermina 2 Billion is the ideal probiotic that maintains the right kind of flora-balance, strengthens your child’s immunity and provides gentle gut care for your child. It is a probiotic whose friendly bacteria helps in restoring the natural balance of gut bacteria addressing the root cause of digestive troubles such as diarrhoea and the like. It also contributes to correct dysvitaminosis- which is the imbalance of production and assimilation of vitamins.


• Proven effective with good safety profile
• Supports immune system
• Restores the balance of intestinal flora
• Regulates digestive system
• Lactose free, sugar free and gluten free.
• Suitable for kids
• Convenient for parent: Ready to drink, no taste, odour, colour, and can be mixed with water and others beverages, milk or fruit juice

Made in Italy


For infants: 1-2 vials per day
For children: 1-2 vials per day
For adults: 2-3 vials per day
Administration at regular intervals (3-4 hours), taking the contents of the vials as it is or diluting it in water or other drink (e.g. milk, tea, juice).
Break away 1 vials. Shake well before use. Twist cap to open. Squeeze and drink.

Total 2 packs (Each pack contains 10 vials of 5 ml)


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