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QV Flare Up Cream 100g is a famed emollient cream and topical relief in Singapore. This product counteracts the symptoms of atopic eczema and dermatitis and effectively relieves redness and skin inflammation. It contains glycerol, a compound that contributes to the skin’s suppleness, which is also packed with moisturising benefits to decrease the skin’s roughness and improve its overall barrier function so your skin could stay protected from bacteria for longer! The QV Flare Up Cream has a dual-action effect that replenishes the skin through powerful hydration while providing anti-irritant benefits!


• Quiets down the overall redness from atopic eczema.
• Provides gentle yet powerful relief from painful flare ups.
• Relieves skin inflammation and redness.
• It is free from lanolin, propylene glycol, and fragrance.

Made in Australia.


Apply to affected areas three times daily, particularly after showering, bathing and at night. Avoid soap as it may irritate sensitive skin.



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2 Ratings


Megan Behler 2021-06-08

excellent for sensitive and eczema skin

The pharmacist at the hospital recommended this to me and I first got it from the hospital pharmacy. Needed a top up and realised it's much cheaper here. Bought 3 in order to enjoy the additional savings.

Millie 2019-10-02

good for sensitive skin and eczema

Thank you for stocking up on this. It is really effective and good for my sensitive skin and eczema.

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