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Save your baby from nappy rash with Ego QV Baby Barrier Cream 50g! This baby barrier cream especially targets baby’s diaper area to rehydrate and moisturise it. This is a low irritant formulation that is soothing to baby’s sensitive bottom and shields it from possible irritants, including chemicals in bathing products. Lastly, it protects the face from infant facial rash and other skin conditions such as infant eczema.


• Forms a barrier to shield baby’s skin from water, detergents, chemicals and other irritants.
• Low irritant formulation.
• Suitable for the most sensitive areas of the body.
• pH balanced.
• Moisturising base helps to rehydrate skin and prevent moisture loss.

Made in Australia


At nappy change, remove soiled nappy and clean area thoroughly.
Apply QV Baby Barrier Cream to affected skin at every nappy change.
Pay particular attention to ensure application to the folds of the baby's skin.
Avoid eyes. If irritation occurs, wash affected area and discontinue use. Do not use soap as it may irritate.



Rating & Reviews



3 Ratings


Eve 2017-08-16

Cheap and good

Product works fine for minor diaper rash and price is definitely cheaper than retail stores.

Mrs Long 2017-01-17

great for my babies

this is great for my babies. I always have it handy at home.

babee1213 2016-08-31

Excellent product

Using this for my daughter's eczema and even for my own rashes - seems to work very well as a layer of protection, reduces itching.

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