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Ease a Cold Cough, Cold & Flu Day & Night is specially formulated to shorten the duration of your cold, reduce the severity of common cold symptoms & enhance sleep quality so you can get better quicker.

Ease a Cold Cough, Cold & Flu Day & Night capsules can help provide relief from 9 cold & flu symptoms including:

• Cough
• Pain
• Mild Fever
• Mucous Congestion
• Fatigue
• Blocked & Runny Nose
• Sore Throat
• Restless Sleep
+ Support immune system health


• High strength Echinacea, Zinc & Vitamin C helps to relieve symptoms of head cold, blocked & runny nose and sore throat.
• White Willow & Garlic has been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve pain, inflammation and mild fever, bronchial mucous congestion and cough.
• The day formulation helps to relieve symptoms through the day without causing drowsiness.
• The night formulation continues to help relieve symptoms & enhance a good night's sleep.

Made in Australia

DIRECTIONS: (For Adults)

Cold & Flu Symptoms:
Day Capsules: Take 1 Day capsule 4 times a day with food.
Night Capsules: Take 1 Night capsule an hour before bedtime

Immune Support:
Day Capsules: Take 1 Day capsule per day to support immune system health and function

Contains soya bean products and sulfites.



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3 Ratings


Sharon Lee 2021-08-14

Awesome product

Have used this brand for years! Our family 'must-buy' whenever we were in Australia!! So glad I can buy it from Glovida

Sage Lee 2021-06-11

love day/night flu products

and so hard to find them here in singapore! looked at the ingredient on Ease-a-cold, and they are good stuff! really a under-rated product. i think this is much more worth it and better quality than some of the more famous brands.

Shawna Koh 2020-03-27

This is so good!

This is a great product! work so well. I am so glad that I gave it a shot. Thank you for all these quality new arrivals. Please have more stock of it! Thank you,

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