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DermaVeen Sensitive Relief Eczema Cream is a rich soothing cream specifically formulated for mild eczema flare ups. Formulated with 100% natural finely milled oat from the Avena Sativa plant -known as Colloidal Oatmeal, scientifically proven to offer symptomatic relief in 3 ways:

1) A glove-like protective shield forms over the skin to lock in moisture
2) Helps relieve itch and acute irritation
3) Moisture binding colloidal oatmeal rehydrates skin


• Rich cream therapeutic formula, easy to apply & absorb into skin
• With natural colloidal oatmeal to effectively calm, hydrate & protect skin
• Free of lanolin, parabens, artificial dyes & fragrances
• Suitable for all skin types including dry, flaky, itchy, cracked skin and skin prone to dermatitis or eczema
• For infants, children, adults and for all over body and face use.

Made in Australia


Apply DermaVeen Sensitive Relief Eczema Cream to the affected areas 3 to 4 times daily

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2 Ratings


Daria Soh 2021-06-22

relieved my itch and help soothe my eczema

a must have for those with sensitive skin.

Jess 2019-10-08

deserving of the 5 star rating

This is REALLY good for my eczema! I have tried many creams to ease my dry and itchy skin. I was about to go for my regular cream (which I also get here from Glovida) and saw this under the new arrival section and decided to give it a try. and I must say this is very good quality and works almost immediately. And the price is good too~ :) Do give it a try if you have sensitive skin or eczema.

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