Aveda Color Conserve™ Conditioner 200ml




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Protection for your colour-treated hair? Possible with Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner 200ML! As a conditioner, it’s formulated with color conserve properties that seal hair cuticles which keeps hair colour from fading out due to regular washes. Every bottle is packed with all-natural ingredients like organic lavender, geranium, grapefruit, and plant essences, which leaves your hair healthy and smelling nice after every wash! Condition, detangle, protect daily and leave your hair vibrantly beautiful!


• Seals the hair cuticles to help keep colour longer.
• Effectively protects the hair from environmental stressors like sun and water damage.
• Pumps life into limp hair to give it a more vibrant, more healthy appearance.
• Made with organic and plant-based ingredients to prevent further hair damage.

Made in USA


After using colour Conserve™ Shampoo, work colour Conserve™ Conditioner throughout your hair. Rinse and style.



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5 Ratings


Skrozki 2017-06-26

Great for colour treated hair

Great for colour treated hair. Also great for those who have oily hair for the fact that it conditions my hair without getting oily by the end of the day. I did not see as much color fade using this and the Aveda shampoo.

Perse 2017-06-26

Best conditioner around

Best conditioner around. Smells good and my hair shines. I have highlights in light brown hair with grey mixed in.

Ying 2017-05-30

Thank you for informing about the restock

Have been waiting for the stock to come in! Thank you for the email to inform. Gonna buy now before it runs out again!

Wendy Chong 2017-01-17

do you have a bigger size available?

I use this together with the shampoo. do you have it in a larger size?

charis 2016-12-27


i am really impressed with this site! how did you guys manage to find all these great products? i always buy this at the salon after my hair color treatment. now i can buy here (it's cheaper too!)

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