Artrex DS Tablets 60's For Maintenance Of Healthy Joints & Cartilage




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Artrex DS is a US patented, all-natural, highly effective arthritic medicine that promotes healthy bones and joints. Artrex capsules have powerful, natural ingredients like Boswellia, Ginger, Tumeric, and Winter Cherry, which synergise to offer an encompassing bone and joint support and promote better joint health. Natural, Safe and Effective. Artrex Double Strength maintains a healthy cartillage and encourages better mobility.


• Promotes healthy bones and joints
• Encourages better mobility
• Treats rheumatoid arthritis
• Corrects an umbrella of immune system disorders

Made in USA


Take 2 to 4 tablets in divided doses or as directed by your physician, preferably after meals.



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14 Ratings


Ong CL 2022-05-17

Artrex for Arthritis

Artrex is great for my arthritis. Has been taking it for sometime now and my mobility has improved over time. At Glovida the price is right and delivery is fast. Just repeated my purchase recently.

Wan Kheng Ang 2022-05-12

Artrex is good for knees

regular purchase. have been taking for more than half a year and i can feel the improvement on my knee pain. great supplement, highly recommended.

Wee Li Goi 2021-11-18

Good buy

Repeated purchase. Always buy from them. Fast delivery, good packaging and good price. Happy customer

Margaret Tan 2021-08-31


Took for 2 days and i could already feel my aches and pain has reduced at least 50%. Will continue to take regularly and very confident it will help me in the long run.

Wan Kheng Ang 2021-08-30

prompt delivery

return purchase and glad to learn the price is better with triple pack. the delivery was prompt. hope it will improve my knee cap pain.

Wee Li Goi 2021-08-18

Good price

Been buying for friend. Cheaper than elsewhere.

Sharon Lee 2021-06-16


Cheaper than buying from the clinics. My third time purchasing. The triple pack is worth it. Manufactured on Oct 2020. Expiry date on Mar 2023.

Tasha Lee 2021-06-08

got this for my mum

My mum was prescribed Artrex by her GP. And I came here on Glovida to buy so that they can be delivered to my mum without her having to travel to the clinic. The price is good and delivery is fast. Especially important when this is something that needs to be taken on a on-going basis.

Al Tan 2021-02-08


Good price if purchase 3/order. This is my second order in 3 months and I am stocking up because this product provides great relief for the finger joint pain that I've had for many months.

Sharon Lee 2020-11-15


Price is lower than clinic. Item is authentic. Expiry date in Aug 2021.

Ben 2019-03-07

recommended by my doctor

This is a good quality supplement and this site really carries quality items. The prompt delivery and good customer service is the reason I keep coming back. Artrex tends to run out fast here, so if you are getting some, I recommend to stock up...

Nura 2018-12-28

A Good Natural Supplement for Joint Problems

Artrex DS is a good natural supplement for joint problems. I did not experience any side effects when I took Artrex DS tablets but this experience may differ with different users. Overall, it had reduced my knee pain. The price of this supplement on Glovida is much cheaper than at the usual big Pharmacies and Hospitals. Glovida is a fuss-free online purchase site and it provided fast delivery.

Mee Fong 2018-01-24

Good for joints

Thank you very much for bringing in this product. I will order from you. Buying it from the pharmacy or doctor is definitely more expensive. This is a natural supplement especially for promoting healthy joints. Thank you once again !!!!

Linda 2017-08-24

Very good price, and prompt delivery

Product came nicely packed with long expiry dates.

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