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Treat fever blister with the protective Herpatch Herpes Cold Sore Serum 5ml!
Cold Sore Serum is the innovative and effective way to treat cold sore symptoms easy and fast. Herpatch Cold Sore Serum can be applied easily on the cold sore with the easy to use tube. The healing property of the serum is activated once applied to the skin and forms a transparent patch over the wound to protect it instantly. It soothes the affected area and shields the skin to minimise the appearance of cold sores. Finally, it speeds up the healing process of the affected areas with its improved active oxygen formula to minimise the burning and itching pain.


• Serum turns into a protective film that protects the wound instantly.
• Has active oxygen property to speed up the healing process of affected areas.
• Hides and minimises the appearance of scars.
• Effectively helps prevent itching, burning sensation, and scabbing over wounds.
• Powerfully protects the wound over possible virus spread.
• Has skin firming and toning properties.
• Reduces swelling, redness, and blistering.
• Painless removal.

Made in Belgium


1) Before use, make sure that your hands are clean and dry.
2) Wash or rinse the affected area.
3) Gently apply the film-forming Serum on the cold sore so that it adequately covers all lesions and a margin of healthy skin surrounding them.
4) After a few minutes, the white serum forms a protective and transparent film over the cold sore.
5) The Serum can be reapplied, if necessary, every 3-4 hours until the cold sore is completely healed. The film can be removed, if necessary, with warm water.
You can use Herpatch Cold Sore Serum at any stage of the outbreak. However, we suggest applying it at first sign of an outbreak.



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2 Ratings


Shannah Chou 2021-07-14

my trusted cold sore remedy

appreciated the super fast delivery. was a life saver! thank you.

J S 2021-06-04

great remedy for cold sores

for those prone to cold sores, this is a good product to stock up. it's effective and better than some of the medicines that i have gotten from the doctors before.

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