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Expel the icky, nasty phlegm with Fluimucil 100mg Effervescent Granules 30s, a powerful mucolytic ingredient that provides instantaneous relief from throat congestion! Each granule defends against respiratory infections, including illnesses common during the seasonal influenza outbreak such as cold, cough, and sore throat. What Fluimucil does is it breaks down and dissolves excessive mucus build-up to facilitate its quick removal and provide instant relief from lung congestion. Breathe more easily with this powerful mucolytic!
Fluimucil is suitable and safe for babies 2 years old and above.


• Instantly breaks down mucus structure to provide instantaneous relief from throat congestion.
• Provides effective relief from respiratory infections.
• Addresses seasonal illnesses like cold, cough, sore throat.
• Provides fast relief from chesty coughs.

Made in Switzerland


Dissolve contents of one sachet of Fluimucil 100mg to a half glass of water and mix with spoon. Use 2 to 4 times a day, according to age.

It is preferable not to mix other drugs with FLUIMUCIL® 100mg solution. It is advisable to administer antibiotics 2 hours apart from Acetylcysteine.



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2 Ratings


Megan Behler 2021-06-08

been using fluimucil for years

love how easy it is to take when you are unwell, as it is an efferverscent.

Sandy 2019-03-08

Fluimucil works well

I use this for my kids

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