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Remescar Night Repair is an eye contour cream that offers a cosmetic treatment during the night.

The eye contour is formed by the thinnest and most fragile skin of our organism. During the night this skin is repaired from the damage accumulated during the day, the dermal cells are activated and are more receptive to any treatment.

Remescar Night Repair Eye Contour is reduces eye bags, dark circles and crow’s feet and lifts up sagging eyelids during the night, with visible results in 28 days. Its exclusive i-Rep technology guarantees a cellular supply of oxygen, moisturizes and improves the relief of the skin. It can be used in combination with any other product within the Remescar eye contour range. It offers a complete solution to rejuvenate your appearance in a safe and effective way since results have been clinically proven.


• Reduces eye bag and dark circles, crow's feet and lift up sagging eyelids in 28 Days!
• Rejuvenate your appearance in a safe and effective way
• Clinically proven effective

Made in Belgium


Step 1: Wash your face gently and pat dry as you would do it in the evening.
Step 2: Put an adequate amount of cream on your finger.
Step 3: Gently massage the cream under and around the eyes, moving from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes until the cream is completely absorbed. Take care to gently pat the cream all the way along the orbital bone. You may also apply the cream on the eyelids but avoid using the cream too close to your eyes because the product will spread when it warms up with your body temperature. Wash hands and close tube after each use.



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