Heliocare Purewhite Radiance Max 240 60's

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Bolstered with additional dose of Fernblock®, Heliocare Purewhite Radiance Max 240 gives additional boost to achieve a more radiant and fairer skin, and enhanced UV protection to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Buy 2 for $126.00 each

16 customer reviews

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  1. Great product!

    By Tricia March 06, 2020

    Cheaper than retail and fast delivery! Makes my face fairer and more radiant

  2. Thank you Glovida!

    By AT November 04, 2019

    Am glad that Glovida has managed to bring in items that are exclusive to clinics. This has brought us many conveniences and a cost-saving alternative. Helio Radiance Max works faster and I gained many compliments. I stopped for about half a year because it is costly and troublesome to visit selected clinics just to purchase supplements. Furthermore, some clinics will push me to buy 3 bottles at one go, just to receive a 5% discount. I am back n this supplement now because of Glovida. Thank you! #this is not a sponsored post, and I do not work for them - directly or indirectly. This is my very rare product review posted ever posted as I am grateful for the money saved buying from here.
    One true advice: Take with oral sunblock to enhance performance. Also, if you are travelling to the beach, consume oral sunblock ULTRA. You will be amazed that we do not get tanned so easily.

  3. Cheaper alternatives to Crystal Tomato supplements

    By Grace September 01, 2019

    After consuming Heliocare max 240 for a month, I can notice a healthy glow on my face and the PIH from the occasional acnes and pimples have almost cleared up. It is also cost effective as compared to Crystal Tomato supplements.

  4. Excellent

    By Doublegrace August 26, 2019

    Am excited about trying this products, thanks for the reviews of heliocare max

  5. My go-to skin supplement

    By YS July 28, 2019

    The harsh sunlight and tropical weather in Singapore is unforgiving, and it has caused hyperpigmentation and age spots on my face. After taking this for a month, i’ve noticed that my skin has gotten fairer, and pigment spots have gotten lighter. Skin has gotten smoother as well. Take it with the oral sunblock for enhanced effect.

  6. Love this

    By MeLz February 25, 2018

    This is really great for me as it's easy to use, and there is no need to worry about slathering on too many creams or lotions! It's really helped with my freckles.

  7. Great Product

    By eve January 30, 2018

    Started taking Heliocare white radiance in Dec'17. One of my black spot reduced size in half. Just ordered the Max 240. Skin is considerable fairer, take it with the oral sunblock for greater effect.

  8. I love the range of clinic-exclusive products you have

    By Grace July 10, 2017

    Very good pricing and prompt service and replies. Will be back to support again.

  9. Works Well

    By Alex June 26, 2017

    This product works as advertised - my dermatologist diagnosed me with skin sensitivity to sunlight (I get a rash if exposed for too long), and recommended this product; I don't get a rash when I take it consistently for prevention.

  10. 2 months in, a noticeable improvement

    By CoCo June 26, 2017

    Have been using for 2 months. It works! At 1 capsule a day my melasma and brown spots are not getting darker and looks like its lightening slightly. I started noticing an improvement. As has been mentioned, you do need to keep using a good sunscreen. Since it takes 3 months for skin cells to turn over, I will continue to use for an additional month to get a better idea of how well it works and what maximum improvement I can expect. Some research indicates the fernleaf extract is also good for your immune system. It seems to be helping in this way as well.
    I have tried many other melasma treatments including hydroquinone 10 %, This works as well if not better without skin thinning side effects.

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