Medical Kit When Traveling with Kids!

I don’t know if you have had any scares while travelling with your little ones, but I have had my fair share of “freak-out” moments from my 3 year old vomiting on the plane to the unexpected high fevers on a remote mountain top.

So one of the things we always do when travelling as a family is to pack health essentials just in case we need them!

1. Fever & Pain Relievers. Without question, we will bring along either a Panadol or Calpol Suspension in case of any fevers. After all, it isn’t that easy to find pharmacies or clinics especially if you are travelling in a group, on a tour bus, or in some countryside. And calling a doctor to the hotel can be crazily expensive.

2. Probiotics. Tummy issues are very common when overseas due to the change in surroundings, time zone and diet. So, probiotics really come in handy for any constipation or diarrhoea issues. For children, I bring along the Biogaia chewable tablets which are tasty and easily consumed. And for the adults, I bring Lacteol Fort sachets which work well too but are more economically priced.

3. Immunity boosters. The kids tend to catch a cold or cough more easily when we visit chilly countries, especially since they are so new to the super cold temperatures. I find covering the ears and neck to be super important in keeping the cold out, but also bringing along immunity boosters like Sambucol really help to ensure the little sniffles do not turn into full-blown infections. I also bring along “healthy sweets” like the PN Kids and Sambucol gummies which can come in useful too when they are on flights and their ears start to feel painful from the air pressure. The sweets help to calm their nerves.

4. For Dry Skin. Because my daughter suffers from eczema, I tend to bring our own soap-free cleansers as hotel soaps and shampoos can be very drying on the skin. Definitely not a good idea in cold weather where the itchiness and rashes can become even more aggravated. So, we bring along our Isoderm cleansers, QV skin lotion (250ml so it is lighter on the bags), and also, Burt’s Bee lip balm to avoid chapped lips. Definitely not a fan of paper cuts with dry skin in winter climates hence it is always important to moisturize with good moisturizers, such as the ones from Vasse Virgin, the famous olive oil manufacturer in Margaret River, Perth.

5. For mommies! Children love the sun and beaches and they recover from their tans so much quicker than we do. Once the pigmentation appears, they are here to stay! So since we can’t boycott family trips to the beaches, we have to ensure we don’t suffer the repercussions after! The Heliocare Ultra oral capsules are to be consumed 30 minutes before sun exposure to avoid premature aging and hyper pigmentation caused by harmful UV rays. Also, slapping on the Heliocare 360 sunscreen on the face really helps to prevent those unsightly pigmentation.

Besides these essentials, it may also be good to bring along some other good-to-haves including plasters (for any unexpected trips and falls), medicated oil (in case of motion sickness) and also charcoal pills (for the adults). It is always better to be safe than sorry. After all, a holiday takes such a long time to plan and is expensive – it really isn’t worth the while to have it spoilt due to some minor health ailments.