Giving thanks for the year 2016 – what a year! Glovida was finally born.

After a one-year gestation period. It all sprouted from an idea to empower everyone around us to be able to live healthier (and prettier!) at a more affordable price. We took one year to crystalize our ideas, source for the right products, negotiate for lower prices and expand our storage and warehousing facility. And then there were the photoshoots for the product images, website design and set-up, the whole array of information going up on the website, setting competitive prices, sourcing for a reliable logistics partner and provider, sourcing for packaging, setting our internal processes for ordering and delivery. And back to systems testing, testing and re-testing… and then there was the setting up of our social media pages. (that’s another story altogether!) And finallyyyy  the baby was born.

We were all excited and filled with anticipation. So happy to finally be able to share Glovida with the world! Yet, nervous and humbled at the same time. We were super stoked to have started on a good note, with many positive feedback that we have gotten from the “first round” of customers. And that was really more through word of mouth, via our personal networks. Then, we had a huge, unexpected influx of orders when Zika struck Singapore. We are thankful that we had stocked up on reliable mosquito repellant products and were able to be of help to the community. And through that, gradually, we made more friends, garnered more customers and generated more traffic to our site.

Everyday remains a learning experience. We attended trainings and courses (don’t remember attending so many within such a short time ever!) We learned from people around us, and from our customers! We are blessed with many good customers – who graciously shared with us what they would like to buy from our site, and many have also provided constructive feedback to how we can improve, some even turned friends through the process! And many continue to come back and shop with us. Which is also why we have decided to introduce a loyalty program on our site. We see it as only fitting for the many friends who continue to support us and allow us to grow in our journey.

2017 is just a few sleeps away and we will continue to work to make Glovida better – with better products, more competitive pricing, exciting promotions and an even better experience for all our friends and visitors. Thank you for being part of our faith journey, we will continue to provide a warm welcome whenever you visit and have you enjoy your time with us.