Yucky Phlegm? The 3 Best Expectorant Brands for Phlegm-Busting!

We’re no strangers to the effects of an annoying, persistent cough—the yucky, sticky phlegm, that swollen, painful throat and chest congestion! For effective relief from all these symptoms, try expectorants for a speedy recovery from coughs!

Expectorants help loosen phlegm to make it easier to cough out. It does so by increasing the water content of the mucus, thinning it out so it is easier to be expelled.

In this list, we share three phlegm-busting and expectorant-formulated brands that can help lighten and provide immediate comfort from chesty coughs!



Fluimucil 100mg Effervescent Granules 30s is perfect for when you’re already feeling heavy and in need of a quick, no-fuss solution for your sore throat. Just dissolve these granules, drink, and feel fast relief from chesty coughs!

Formulated to break down phlegm and clear out your lungs, Fluimucil’s Effervescent Granules is a must-have during seasonal influenza. This fast-acting mucolytic agent directly targets the thick and sticky mucus structure in order to clear our airways and provide instant relief from throat and lung congestions.


Like its granule counterpart, the Fluimucil A 600mg Effervescent Tablets 10s also dissolves sticky phlegm, therefore clearing the respiratory tract for faster cough relief! Perfect for both adults and children 6 years and older, these handy effervescent tablets allow for an easier phlegm expulsion because of its intense mucolytic agent.



Cough tablets can sometimes cause drowsiness. Good thing there’s the non-drowsy Leftose® Syrup 100ml: Lysozyme Hydrochloride! Prescribed by doctors for over 40 years, Leftose is a 2-in-1 product for chesty coughs and sore throats. This sweet, easy on the taste buds cough syrup is a perfect cough and phlegm remedy especially for kids! This product quickly dissolves phlegm and reduces the inflammation brought on by sore throat. Its immediate and long-lasting effects help to relieve throat pain and swelling effectively.


Leftose® 30’s Tablets for Chesty Coughs and Sore Throats contain lysozyme hydrochloride which is a natural enzyme found in the human body - tears, saliva, breastmilk; which helps thin the hard-to-remove phlegm from airways, making it easier to release and cough out. Formulated to be non-drowsy, each tablet provides instant relief from sore throat and reduce inflammation.


Backed by over 65,000 rigorous clinical evidence in over 65,000 patients, Prospan is one of the most famous non-drowsy cough remedy in the market! Formulated with the exclusive extract EA 575 or Ivy leaf extract, it serves to provide an impactful and fast relief from chesty cough. In addition, the brand’s products are also sugar-free, making them a perfect natural cough-combat for people of all ages.


Prospan Cough Syrup 200ML is a perfect remedy for busy days, especially when you cannot afford to miss out on work and your everyday tasks. Specially formulated for adults, this product naturally remedies the effects of persisting, chesty cough without the drowsiness. It opens the throat airways to relieve chest congestion and break up the mucus build-up effectively!


Of course, Prospan comes in a formula perfect for kids! A companion to the adult formula, Prospan Cough Syrup for Children provides the same level of comfort to children’s airways, calming the throat without blocking it up for better relief from mucus build-up.

While coughs usually go away after a day or two and are sometimes best left to run its course, they can be made worse by excess phlegm. So, bust that phlegm with the powerful expectorants from this list today!

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