Ouch! Best Pain Relieving Supplements for Joint Pain

Crippled by persistent pain or discomfort in your joints? Joint pain is more common than we think and could occur on areas like your shoulders, lower back, and especially the knees.

The pain could be a dampener, especially if you are used to moving around and enjoy going on runs or long walks. Instead of resorting to expensive surgery or drastically reduce your physical activities; getting yourself good quality supplements for the joints or topical application could very likely be your next best bet.

So, we have put together some of the best pain-relieving supplements and topical applications for your joint concerns:

1. Artrex DS 60’s for Maintenance of Healthy Joints & Cartilage


Just because you don’t have arthritis, or haven’t been really plagued by joint pain yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t anticipate and combat the risk. More a prevention than a cure, Artrex DS 60’s is an all-natural, highly dependable and effective supplement used to maintain healthy joints and cartilage, as well as manage arthritic joint pains. Each tablet is formulated with natural ingredients like Winter Cherry (Withania somnifera), Indian Frankincense (Boswellia serrata), Turmeric (Curcuma longa), and Ginger (Zingiber officinale) that help to boost your joint health. Word of caution though; this brand sells like hotcakes on Glovida, so we suggest you stock up for future purposes!

2. Flexiseq Gel 50g


Providing relief from osteoarthritis, the Flexiseq Gel 50G is applied directly on the affected joint. The gel uses the power of Sequessome Technology (Seq Tech) and penetrates deep into the affected cartilage, providing lubrication to the impaired joint and halts the incidence of osteoarthritis. Every application activates key lubricating ingredients that directly targets damaged joints so this soothing topical gel can ease the stiffness of your joints. The lubrication helps the joint’s cartilage restore its functions and improve the joint’s overall flexibility. What’s more is that many users see fast improvements in joint movement and flexibility with every application!

3.Omical 60’s Organic Milk Calcium Tablets


We should all live by the maxim “prevention is better than cure”. For joint pain, you can take this motto to heart by trying Omical 60’s Organic Milk Calcium Tablets—milky tablets that provide strong calcium support! Omical is an all-natural milk-based tablet that contains 205mg of Elemental Calcium and added 200 IU of Vitamin D3 which helps the body absorb calcium better. It’s free from toxic metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury and is a wholesome form of calcium, making it the best calcium choice for children and expectant mothers! To meet the daily recommended calcium intake, we suggest taking 2 Omical tablets daily. Help your bones and teeth effectively absorb calcium before joint pains hit you hard with these milk tablets!

4. Piascledine 300mg Capsules 30’s: Avocado and Soybean Oil for Improvement of Joint Function


Good news to avocado lovers out there! Do you know that avocados serve as a good source of Vitamin E, a very effective micronutrient with anti-inflammatory effects? Avocado consumption is linked to a decreased risk of joint damage, especially during the early stages of osteoarthritis. That’s why Piascledine 300mg capsules is an absolute winner in joint care! Many have complimented this product for its efficacy and ability to reduce joint pain greatly! This effective supplementcontains the powerful blend of avocado and soybean oil that provides overall improvement of the joint function and improvement in mobility.

5. UC-II Standardized Cartilage 40mg Capsule 30’s (Type II Collagen)


UC-II Standardized Cartilage 40mg is derived from chicken sternum cartilage and is responsible for retaining the cartilage’s tensile strength and toughness. UC-II ® is a patented form of collagen that complements the immune system in order to support healthy joints and take care of the cartilage. Human clinical studies have successfully established that a 40mg capsule of UC-II per day are linked to greater joint comfort and reduced joint tension!

6. Ultravite Boswellia & Ginger Complex 60’s


Capping off this list is Ultravite’s Boswellia & Ginger Complex 60’s. This supplement has key herbs that not only support healthy joints, but also provide relief from body and muscle pains. Every capsule is formulated with the natural ingredients of Boswellia, winter cherry, ginger, and turmeric—perfect substances that trace years of effectivity and is backed by modern research. This is a perfect choice for anyone considering a natural alternative to relieving joint pain!

The cartilage protecting the ends of our bones wears down and thins over time, that’s why it is inevitable to experience joint pain and osteoarthritis for many as we age. However, getting the right relief is attainable if you find the right supplements! Apart from maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit, be sure to get yourself some of our recommended pain-relieving, bone-strengthening supplements to boost your joint health and alleviate the aches!

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